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II've been training with Janine for approximately three months.  Janine makes it easy to understand what you were accomplishing as you train.  Always positive during our training, by far the best trainer I've had.  We have accomplished so much in a short time, getting two titles with her guidance.  Remember, you get what you put into training.  Practice often and become a closer team.  My dog, Heart, thinks her Aunt Janine is "wag"aful and so do I! -Lisa B.

Janine was truly a huge help in the process of training my family's puppy, Finn.  She put in the effort of helping my family find a good, reputable breeder, and she also made sure we had all the resources needed for bringing Finn home.  She checked in on how he was adjusting very often, and within a week of gettting him we had started basic training together.  This was a difficult task to do via Zoom, but Janine was incredibly patient and flexible, and we were able to learn a lot from our weekly sessions with her!!  Over the next couple of months, Janine helped us teach Finn to do a variety of tricks, like sit, down, touch, and spin.  We covered a total of 15 tricks, and Finn was able to get his Novice Trick Dog Title!  Janine's training sessions helped us teach Finn some foundational skills, and he excelled in the following training sessions we took him to after working with Janine, but it's all thanks to her hard work that he did so well.  We are very thankful for having Janine's guidance! -Mallika K.T

I have been really lucky to have worked with some very positive, encouraging, and educated trainers in my six years with Shay.  To find yet another in Janine is such a gift!  Janine has been able to continue my training so I can be the best partner for my dog Shay, and help us grow together as a team! Her attention to the smallest details in myself and my dog is invaluable to our training.  The best part is the fun she makes sure we are having together while we achieve our goals.  Many thanks 1anine. -Roni D.

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